These bewitching, mink 25mm lashes are wispy, voluminous and multidemensional. The lengthy and feathery hairs that flare towards the outer corners will give the illusion of enchanting, doll-like eyes which are still wicked cool.


"Witchcraft" lashes have a unique criss-cross pattern, which creates a dramatic effect that will easily blend with your natural lashes. This is makeup artists' magical secret for show-stopping eyes. These beautifully crafted mink lashes sweep and taper perfectly to create a stunning wide-eyed look with spectacular curl and volume.


You can't go wrong with spellbinding lashes that are both striking and subtle!




SKU: 0003

These lashes are made from real mink. This creates a fluffy, wispy and soft texture with a glossy finish. The band is made of soft and comfortable cotton, allowing for a safe, secure and enjoyable wear.