These dramatic 3D lashes are inspired by the gothic poet Edgar Allan Poe. Alike his dark and mysterious literature, these lashes are striking, bold, and glamorously gothic. Your wicked-cool makeup looks paired with these beautiful lashes would be enough to make Poe proud!


"Nevermore" lashes are abundant with both long and short strands that create a unique criss-cross pattern and incredibly voluminous length. Furthermore, the lashes flare out towards the end which will enhance and enlargen any eye shape. Although they measure at 20mm, these lashes are remarkably fluffy, wispy, and light-weight.


If you are looking to diversify and amplify your makeup looks with flair, then these gorgeous and stylish Edgar Allan Poe inspired lashes are for you!




SKU: 0013

These lashes are made from real mink. This creates a fluffy, wispy and soft texture with a glossy finish. The band is made of soft and comfortable cotton, allowing for a safe, secure and enjoyable wear.