These limited edition faux mink lashes are stunning, striking, and show-stopping! To celebrate Black Widow Beauty's return for the 1 year anniversary, there is now a gorgeous and glamourous new addition to the faux mink collection for a limited time only!


"Enchanted" lashes are just that - an enchanting combination of long and short hairs for a dramatic lash that seems almost magical. The style of these lashes have incredible depth and volume. The unique design of the intermittent hairs and fanned outer-corners creates a dramatic look for any eye shape.


These lashes are for the bold and beautiful makeup lovers that inspire me everyday. 


SKU: 0015

These lashes are made from faux mink which is a vegan-friendly material. The texture is smooth and silky with an incredibly natural appearance. The band is made of soft and comfortable cotton, allowing for a safe, secure and enjoyable wear.


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