My mission is to cater to the gothic, alternative, and emo community. Unfortunately, we have less representation on social media regarding the influence of makeup artists. Furthermore, I personally believe there aren't many brands in the beauty industry that specifically provide products for our eccentric and bold aesthetic. However, I aim to change that…
I strive to influence and empower others to express themselves with their style. We have enough glam supermodels, pink lipstick and sparkly eyeshadows. However, we can transform the beauty industry together by being confident and experimental through our makeup artistry! 
My products are unique, just like you! What makes them special is they cater to a niche market and they are cruelty-free. My goal is to offer you a wide variety of products that are vegan, affordable, great quality, and stylish. 
What the beauty industry seems to lack are dramatic false lashes to enhance your inner gothic princess, smooth and silky black lipstick to express yourself and make a statement, ultra-pigmented eyeliner to apply your war paint and prepare for your battle against the normies… Ghouls just wanna have fun!
We are trendsetters. We are experimental and avant-garde. We are spooky, freaky and weird. We don’t want to conform to societal beauty standards - and we don't have to.
My mission is to allow people who love makeup to express themselves and embrace their aesthetic.