Hey girl, your lashes are THE SH*T!
lol in all seriousness, not only are these lash styles beautiful, but the quality is top notch. Even though they are dramatic lashes they sit so light on the eye and the band is flexible and STAYS IN TACT.
I like to rewear my lashes and I've noticed with some other lash brands the band gets worn down and I end up having to toss them after one of two uses. I've worn these and cleaned them and they are still going strong.
I'm so proud of you girl, keep f*cking slaying the game!
Maya Bravo @mayabrav
Okay 100% honest review...
These lashes are so soft and fluffy and the ends look so natural, they aren't blunt or cut off at all.
The band is literally perfect, it's super flexible and easy to bend to the shape of my eye but not so soft that they feel flimsy.
I never wear big lashes but I feel like a bad ass b*tch in these and they literally feel like $30 lashes from Sephora.
I love them so much!
Ashtyn Connors @ashtynrc
These lashes are honestly the cutest most affordable lashes I've seen in awhile! 
Long asf and super thick. They're hot asf.
The length is mad perfect. It gives my makeup so much personality!
Sis I highly recommend.
Tati @smutcoffin
The eyelashes are nice and they have a natural look to them which I love.
They're not too long and not too short either.
Best eyelashes I ever bought.
100/100! Overall.
Alyssa Sullivan @gold_shawty