My name is Paris Monet and I'm the owner of Black Widow Beauty. I have always been passionate about makeup and utilizing cosmetics to express myself and embrace my aesthetic.

The concept for Black Widow Beauty was created through one simple dream:

to help others feel beautiful. I know when I have on my warpaint, a dramatic pair of lashes, and some wicked cool black lipstick I feel glamorous, confident and empowered! That is the feeling that I want to share with you. 

My primary goal is to offer you products that you are proud to wear. I'm tremendously committed to providing you gorgeous products that I would rock myself. I'm naturally a perfectionist, therefore I'm very meticulous when searching for products - perhaps to a fault... It's both a blessing and a curse.


However, I'm remarkably ambitious and believe that promoting nothing shy of perfection is important. I have been very diligent and methodical with my research to find the perfect variety of products that are unique and stylish. 

Furthermore, my journey as a brand owner has been an intricate experience of trial and error. There have been numerous frustrating and awkward moments. However, it's been an extraordinary adventure. I love developing my brand, improving my skills, devising new ideas and learning about advertising.


Ever since I formed Black Widow Beauty, my life has become very rewarding.

The matter of fact is simple: being a brand owner is a phenomenal experience, one I cherish with all my heart. I feel as if I have found purpose - and that is a magnificent feeling indeed...

If you are interested in my products, then I would like to sincerely thank you for supporting not only my brand but my dream.





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